Bramley Village Society

Bramley, not to be confused with Bramley in Hampshire, is a village and civil parish about three miles south of Guildford in the Borough of Waverley in Surrey, south east England. Most of the parish lies in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Bramley Village Society (BVS) is a charity with a remit to maintian and improve Bramley's material and social fabric.


Come and meet the local clubs, societies, and organisations

Our next Showcase will be in March next year.

The local clubs, societies and voluntary organisations are an important part of what makes Bramley such a vibrant community. Not only do they provide recreational and social facilities, they also enable residents to meet with like-minded others.

The Bramley Showcase is an annual event run by the Bramley Village Society where the clubs, societies and organisations set out their wares in the Village Hall. To help the evening along, we provide a free glass of wine, Bramley cider, or a soft drink on your arrival.

Everyone is encouraged to drop in, so why not come and socialise with other residents. The Village Society is particularly keen to ensure new residents find out what is available in Bramley, so if you have new neighbours who may not have signed up to the Bramley Update, please encourage them to attend the Bramley Showcase - it’s a fun evening, and an easy way to get involved in village life.

If your local club, society, or voluntary organisation hasn’t attended a Showcase evening before and would like to this year, please contact the Village Society.