Bramley Village Society

Bramley, not to be confused with Bramley in Hampshire, is a village and civil parish about three miles south of Guildford in the Borough of Waverley in Surrey, south east England. Most of the parish lies in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Bramley Village Society (BVS) is a charity with a remit to maintian and improve Bramley's material and social fabric.

AGM and July Committee Meeting

The BVS AGM was held on the 7th July, followed by the normal committee meeting. Minutes for both meetings are [here]( The main issues raised at the AGM and the committee meeting were: * Snowdenham Lane - parking on the blind corner. * This continues to be an issue, with no action taken by Waverley or by Surrey, despite many and various representations over the years. * Platinum Jubilee * The BVS is proposing to plant a Service tree in the grass area in front of the library in recognition of the Queen's 70 yars of service. * Village Issues * It was agreed that the BVS should maintain a list of items around the parish that need attention or are causing concern. The BVs will attempt to identify who is responsible for an item's resolution and then monitor progress or take action as appropriate. The list can be viewed [here]({{ site.url }}{% link _pages/ %}) Our next meeting is on **Thursday the 4th of August** @ 20:00 in the Village Hall meeting room.