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Bramley, not to be confused with Bramley in Hampshire, is a village and civil parish about three miles south of Guildford in the Borough of Waverley in Surrey, south east England. Most of the parish lies in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Bramley Village Society (BVS) is a charity with a remit to maintian and improve Bramley's material and social fabric.

Fuming! Update

19 September 2023

Fuel fumes in Bramley High Street - update

Whilst the Envoronment Agency are still investigating the extent of the leak which has probably been from the Petrol Station, the impact is still being seen on our environment. David Morley recently raised the issue again with Jane Austin (our Parish and Waverley councillor).

Hello Jane. You will recall visiting my garden in the summer to photo evidence of petrol pollution in the stream - I hope it helped in progressing this issue. I am still extremely concerned that this is still occurring, and that the floating barrage attached to the sewer pipe is not working. My neighbour and I have both noticed the disappearance of the freshwater shrimps and the (American) crayfish ( which have always been prevalent) this summer and that these crustaceans at the bottom of the food chain are no longer surviving. Regular visitors such as herons and kingfisher have not been seen for months! Yesterday afternoon, after the deluge, this 10” dead rainbow trout was alongside my island, where you had previously taken photographs. I suspect that the recent roadside drain pumping out has stirred up the petrol residue and it is now being flushed into the stream. This is now a serious pollution issue which Environment Agency needs to be aware of, and I would appreciate it is you could take this on board please.

This is not the first time that dead fish have been seen in the Bramley Stream - back in last September there was a report in the Guildford Dragon

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